Video Game - Richard Malmos


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Yeah, This is our man. You better be prepared to take two graves cards, my friend. Certain circumstances anyone needs, the world is tearing itself apart. Okay, I'm gonna cover me taking five, right? The Americans are already way are going to get caught in the crossfire. I am not being paid enough to crash my plane. Good to see you're alive, little brother. Here for them Once we were many. Now we are few. Look, if you want to make enemies trying to kill something, go added NYSE freakin suicide. That's the natural order of things. Great. Kill or be killed, right? Your city has been chosen. You have 10 minutes to clear the entire area. You were cleared on taking down. Repeat, taking down. Make diamonds from your ashes. Take them into battle. Got it? Okay. Incoming. Let's go. Right. Cover Right. Cover, move!