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a rematch with the defending Super Bowl champions, followed along with another big play by Blackburn with 22. Blackburn's fumble recovery helped the Giants redeem their regular season lost to the Packers in the NFC Championship. Redemption was at hand once again. Game day, October 28th 2012. Like every game, Number 39 arrives at the stadium three hours prior to kick off his pregame routine. Sets in and it's time to get his ankles taped, drink a cup of coffee and read over the plate with Justus. He would before any other game. But this wasn't any other game. In a season full of amazing achievements by the Minnesota Vikings. First and foremost has to be the play of Peterson. Many doubted he could come back is the same dominant player as before. Would he have the same explosiveness, the same power, the same quickness? 12 months later, any questions have firmly been answered. Winning consistently. It's something for many years the Cleveland Browns have been unable to do. The franchise had been among the NFL elite in the fifties and sixties, but has more recently been associated with anguish. Bernie Costar, lead teams of the eighties, got close but never reached a Super Bowl. Son has passed down his passion to both his boys and they've honored him with the highest tribute to sons can give their father not the award. Save one northern levels they've reached. But by following in his footsteps, yeah.