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Fiction Narration Sample - First Person

Voice Over • Audiobooks


This is a sample from the Earphones Award Winning audiobook, \"St. Francis Society For Wayward Pets,\" by Annie England Noblin.

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English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Can someone tell me what's going on? I asked, standing up. Who is Gary? He's a lawyer, Eva replied. And he's not a very good one. Harriet cut in. Why do I need to talk to a lawyer? I asked, Panic rising in my throat. Alice shot her friends, a look that could have killed them and then turned her attention back. To me, it's nothing like that, I promise, she said. It's just that well, Annabelle has a will, and you're named in it. I sat back down. I'm what you're the sole beneficiary, Eva said. Matter of fact, you get it all. Shut up, Eva Herriot said. This isn't your business. Alice tried to take my hand, but I pulled it away from her. I've had enough of being touched by strangers for one day. She put her hands palm down on the table instead and said Annabelle didn't have much. But she did own a house, and she had a little money in the bank when she made out her will several years ago. We both did. After a woman, we went to high school with the died. Suddenly, Annabelle made sure that everything she might have would go to her only child. You. I inhaled sharply and then let the air out slowly, trying to call my racing thoughts and racing pulse. I'm the executor of her estate, Alice continued. But I thought it would be best to wait for Gary Annabel's lawyer to speak to you in private because I didn't want all of this information dumped on you at once. She sent a meaningful look to her friends. I'm sorry, Eva said, shrugging her shoulders. Somebody had to tell her before she left town. If you want, Alice said gently, I can go and find Gary right now. I'm sure he's here somewhere. I looked up a Dallas and try as I might, I couldn't keep my feelings from bubbling to the surface. I'm sorry I said You can find someone else or sell it or do whatever it is that people without a family do when they die because I don't want it. I stood up Unsteadily and turned around, praying I could make it to the door and outside before I burst into tears.