Lord of the Rings Return of the King Excerpt - Multi-Character with Narrator



Lord of the Rings Return of the King Excerpt - Gandalf, Multi-Character with Narrator Lord of the Rings Return of the King Excerpt with multiple characters and Narrator. Soundtrack added for narration effect.

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when the prince in Brazil had parted from Legolas and Gimli. At once, he sent for Elmer and he went down with him from the city. And they came to the tents of Aragorn that was set up on the field not far from the place where King fared in four. And there they took counsel together with Gandalf and arrogant in the Sons of Rome. Holds said Kendall, listen to the words for the steward of Gondor before he died. For a little space you may triumph on the field for a day. But against the power that now rises, there is no victory. I do not bid you despair as he did, but a ponder the truth in these words. The stones of seeing do not lie and not even the Lord of Parador can make them do so. You get maybe by his will choose what things shall be seen by weaker minds or cause them to mistake the meaning of what they see. Nonetheless, cannot be doubted that when Dennah foresaw great forces arrayed against him in more door and Mohr still being gathered Hey saw that which truly is hardly has our strength suffice to beat off the first great assault. The next will be greater. This war then, is without final hope. As Dana Thorpe perceived, victory cannot be achieved by arms. Whether you sit here to endure siege after siege or march out to be overwhelmed beyond the river you have only a choice of evils on Prudence would counsel you to strengthen such strong places as you have. And there await the onset for so short a time before your end be made a little longer. Then you would have us retreat to ministerial or doll am. Rough order done. Hero on DH There sit like Children on sand castles. When the tide is flowing, send him to ****. That would be no new counsel said candles. Have you not done this a little more in a ll the days of genital? But no, I said this would be prudent. I do not counsel Prudence. I said victory could not be achieved by arts. I still hope for victory but not by arms. Into the midst of a love these policies comes the Ring of Power Foundation of Parador On the hope of sorrow concerning this thing, my lords now a ll know enough for the understanding of our plate on DH of sorrows. If he regains it, your valour is vain and his victory will be swift and complete. So complete that none can foresee the end of it while this world lasts. If it is destroyed that he will fall and his four will be so low that none can foresee his rising ever again. For he will lose the best part of his strength that was native to him in his beginning, on DL that was made or begun with that power will crumble and he will be named forever becoming a mere spirit of malice that gnaws itself in the darkness but cannot again grow or take shape. And so a great evil of this world will be removed. Other evils there are that may come for Sarah is himself but a servant or emissary it it is not our part to master a ll the tides of the world but to do what is in us for the secure of those years wherein we are set up Uprooting the evil in the fields that we know so that those who live after they have clean earth too what whether they shall have is not ours to rule. Sorrow knows all this. And he knows that this precious thing which he lost has been found again. But he does not yet know where it is. So therefore, he is now in grave doubt. Or if we have found this thing, there are some among us with strict enough to wheel it. That too he knows for Do I not guess right? The arrogance that you are shown yourself to him in the stone of or thank I did so there. I wrote from the horn bug, answered Aragon. I deemed at the time was ripe and that the stone had come to me for just such a purpose. It was then 10 days. That's the ring barrow at east from Raoul's. The eye of sorrow, I thought, should be drawn out of his own land too. Seldom has even challenge since he returned to his tower. No. If I had foreseen how swift will be his onset of answer. Maybe I should not have dared to show myself. Time was given me to come to your aid. Aragorn has begun, so we must go on way. Must push sarong to his last throw. We must call out his hidden strength so that he shall empty his land Way must march out to meet him at once way must make ourselves the baked. Though his goals should clues on us. He will take that bait in hope on greed. People think that it's such rations. He sees the pride of the new Lord and he will say so. He pushes out his neck too soon and too far. Let him. Come on, Behold! I will have him in a trap from which he cannot escape. There I will crush him on what he has taken. His insulin shall be mine again forever. We must walk open eyed into that trap with courage. But small hope process, my lords well, prove way are so shall perish utterly black battle far from living, lads. So that even if Parador be thrown down, way shall help live to see age. This is to perish nonetheless, as we surely shall if you sit here. You know as we die. Shelby