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Hey everyone, Welcome back to trendy mommy! Today, we're talking about using hiring platforms for small businesses. One of the biggest challenges when looking for new employees is finding hiring platforms that don't eat up your budget. You could easily spend thousands of dollars looking for the right candidate. But there are several affordable tools that allow you to connect with applicants at a low cost. Let's talk about those tools, Zip recruiter when it comes to hiring star employees. Zip recruiter is one of the best tools for recruiters. When you post a job listing, it shows up on zip recruiter search page, so you'll be able to reach thousands of more job seekers. Although there is a monthly fee to post jobs on zip recruiter, they do have a four day trial where you can post your first listing for free, there's no risk to sign up afterwards. And you'll even be able to keep any candidates who apply during your trial up work. If you're looking for part time employees, freelancers or remote talent, then up work is for you. It's also one of the most affordable hiring platforms for small businesses you post on up work for free and you can also go through thousands of freelancer profiles. Up work allows you to start contracts with freelancers and also allows you to track work performance and handle payment through their website. They only take 3% of the payment to your freelancer craigslist, although many people use craigslist to buy, use furniture. It can also be used for small businesses. The price of posting a job on Craigslist depends on where your company is located listing a job in a smaller city can cost as little as $10 per post. Although more competitive markets like New York or San Francisco may cost you $75 per job. Facebook, one of the most underrated hiring platforms for small businesses is Facebook. If you're looking to hire employees, then you'll have several ways to attract potential job seekers by joining hiring groups in your city or industry. These groups usually have thousands of members, jobseekers and fellow employers. So it's a great way to raise brand awareness as well as advertised. You're open job positions posting a job through their job board. You can create a listing directly on their site and posting a job is completely free. Although you can widen your reach by boosting the post starting at $1 a day. Indeed. Indeed. Is considered one of the largest hiring platforms for small businesses with over 250 million unique visitors a month Posting a job on indeed is free. Although you'll see much more engagement. If you choose to sponsor your post, you can set a budget for your post, starting at $5 a day and only pay if someone clicks or interacts with your listing as you can see there are many affordable ways for small businesses to use hiring platforms to find their perfect candidate that doesn't stretch the budget. Thanks for watching. And if you haven't already like and subscribe to our channel, so you never miss a video, See you soon. Mm hmm. Yeah.