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NFINET Television Commercial, Warm, Inviting, Professional

Voice Over • Television Ad


American English VO for internet provider NFINET.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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infinite is a locally owned and operated internet service provider. We are committed to improving the lives of mission area residents. We offer fast, honest internet free of hassle and hidden fees, one bill and you receive an unparalleled internet experience. We're here to shake up the traditional internet service industry. Infinite is a choice not a comparison. Infinite is focused on one thing providing fast, honest fiber optic internet as an asset that stays with your home internet access and Michy ana is nearly universal with traditional internet. You share a bandwidth pool with everyone in your neighborhood. Peak demand and heavy use at peak times can put stress on this model. Instead, with infinite, you have a dedicated pipeline exclusive to your house, one gigabit internet that's over 10 times the speed of a traditional internet service provider with our ultrafast unthreatened internet. You can gain during prime time stream the big game, listen to music or do all three at once without interruption. And you'll see those speeds whether you're uploading or downloading with traditional internet service providers if you need to upload something, it's significantly slower. So slow at times it may bring your computer to a halt with internet. We provide the same speed no matter what you're doing. So go ahead upload that video and make that video called grandma. At the same time we've built a sustainable business model. Our pay upfront model reduces distractions such as ongoing marketing and collections to allow us to provide superior customer service and continually improve our network. We believe that your internet access should be an asset, a fixture of your home like a deck or a solar panel. This means you own 20 years of the free internet, just like you own the benefits of any other home improvement. For too long, Internet service providers have delivered the internet as a commodity, a utility that can go up in price without any serious competition to shake things up. We don't believe in robocalls up selling or long wait. Times. Infinite offers a human and humane customer experience. Our customers choose to break free from the tyranny of the traditional internet service provider. If you decide to sell your home, the next owner can pay you for the privilege in the form of an increased selling price, Infinite can save you some significant money Akin to an investment vehicle. Infinite can deliver up to 11% return on your investment when compared to traditional Internet after paying a one time fee, you won't see another bill from us for the next 20 years. No up cells, no usage fees, nothing. We're here to shake up the status quo, learn more about our company. What makes us different and how we can be of service by visiting our website. Infinite dot com