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Geronimo Stilton I'm too fond of my Fur

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This is a Geronimo Stilton book called I'm too fond of my Fur.
I am reading the 1st 2 pages of the 1st chapter called I'm too young to go bald.

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North American


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Let's see! It all began like this. It really did. One evening I was happily sprout out on my couch, changing the channels on my tv. When a strange commercial caught my eye. A female rodent with blond fur was shouting like a mad mouse, are you going has your for losses fluff. She stuck her snout right up to the camera. That's right, I'm talking to you couch mouse! I shrieked. I jumped. Her beady little eyes seemed to be staring right at me. Now do as I say and put your paw on your head, she ordered. I bet you have a ball patch, am I right? I got with a shaking paw. I patted the top of my head. Holy cheese. My food did seem to be getting a little thin on top. Could I really be losing my first the Mouse on tv kept on squeaking at me. Listen cheese face, you need to do something to strengthen your for if you don't then you're going to be as bald as a bone ball down at the lucky pond lines.