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welcome TTO Whole field seniors The only Birmingham prep school toe offer co educational learning for Children up to 13 years. Whole Field Seniors was launched in September 2020 to educate pupils aged from 11 to 13. We have our own key Stage three curriculum to successfully prepare our pupils for entry into a range of local and national independent schools such as Brahms Growth Monthan on Eton College. We have an excellent academic record and support our pupils to become confident and well rounded. Individuals Year seven and eight students are taught by heads of department and are dedicated staff. Strive to deliver outstanding teaching, supporting our pupils to achieve their goals and excel academically. We see allow pupils as individuals and our unique varied curriculum. Whole fields enrichment is designed to best suit their diverse needs. Small class sizes of up to 15 students enable our specialist teachers to provide individual focused learning. Year seven students will have access to their own recreation and social space, enabling them to take ownership of their learning in a secure on familiar environment. They will also have access to the fitness suite on will benefit from access to edge. Boston's local outstanding sports facilities such as the Golf Club and Priory Tennis Centre. Senior pupils will have opportunities to develop leadership skills through roles such as head boy, head girl, sports leaders on prefects, giving them the best possible chance of reaching their academic potential. Wherever your child's ambitions lie, they will grow with us. Registration is now open for Year seven. Entry in September 2021. This is whole field school.