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every day, the average woman walks three miles farther than a man does. No wonder why we suffer from dry skin callouses and cracked heels. Pedicures, rotating files and thick lotions temporarily cover up the problem, but it just keeps coming back. That's because the dry skin on your feet is actually a fungus, and if not completely cured, it can turn into a bigger health concern, such as fungal toenails or an infection. As a foot doctor, I've been able to help many women cure these problems for good with my foot repair serum designed specifically for women's feet. Doctor can use owes foot repair serum prevents and treats the fungus that causes dry skin, callouses and cracked heels. And because it's a serum, it dries instantly, and it's able to penetrate deep below the surface farther than any lotions, bones or creams. By treating the cause of the problem and not just covering it up, most women see improvement in only two days. You're gonna love your new feet