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responsible service of alcohol. This course will give you a clear understanding of the best practise in responsible service of alcohol in a hotel environment. You will also learn how to deal with difficult situations that may arise, pay attention to the following slides and answer a few questions to confirm your knowledge by promoting responsible drinking can or reduce the amount of problems caused by irresponsible consumption of alcohol. Yes, because a responsible drinking culture attracts other responsible drinkers, Orissa reduces the problems associated with problem drinkers like violence and vandalism. Responsible drinkers are regular, consistant customers who come back weights and measures. Before we serve alcohol to our customers, we must understand how much alcohol is in each drink. There is 10 grammes of alcohol in one standard drink, which equals 12.5 millilitres. Pure alcohol. This is the average amount the body can burn in an hour. Now let's have a look at a few typical drinks that are served at the bar and how many standard drinks they are. A half pint of 4.3% beer is approximately one standard drink. A pint of 4.3% beer is approximately two standard drinks are 100 millimetre. Glass of wine is approximately one standard drink. A quarter of a bottle is approximately two standard drinks. A glass of sherry report is just over. One standard drink Premixed spirit based Rings Air just over one standard drink. Please confirm this on the label Because some drinks may vary in alcohol content. A single measure of spirits is just over. One standard drink, a double measure of spirits is just over two. Standard drinks. By getting to know the alcohol content in the drinks you serve, you are playing your part in the responsible service of alcohol. Symptoms of intoxication. It is important to notice changes in the behaviour of your customers to identify symptoms of intoxication. There may be a change in physical behaviour like stumbling or slurred speech. A person's emotional state may change to be more depressive, angry or playful. You may also notice changes in volume and excitement from a customer on DH. Finally, their purchasing behaviour can be an indicator. For example, if rounds get bigger, drinks ordered are stronger or large orders of shots are requested. Important. You must be cautious serving a person who arrives to the venue already intoxicated, especially late in the evening. There is a chance they may have been refused service elsewhere, sobering up when a customer presents at the bar with symptoms of intoxication, it is our responsibility to help sober them up. We can do this by refusing service on DH, suggesting they drink a black coffee offering a glass of water. Tap water will be provided free of charge from the bar. If they're staying in the hotel. A cold shower might be an option. Legislation serving alcohol to an intoxicated person is an offence punishable by the following. Finds a fine of 4000 euro for a first offence and 5000 euro for a second or subsequent offence, Contact your duty manager If you are unsure about dealing with an intoxicated person, it is illegal for a person under the age of 18 to serve alcohol who can purchase alcohol. They must be over 18. If they look under 25 ask for I D to be safe. It is a 2000 euro fine and seven days licence suspension for first offends a 100 euro fine for the underage purchaser staff, delivering our goal to a bedroom may request i d. No person may buy alcohol for persons under 18 years of age who could be in a bar. Persons under the age of 15 should only be permitted in the bar area if accompanied by a guardian. Persons under the age of 18 should not be permitted in the bar area after 9 p.m. Winter and 10 PM summer. Only alcohol purchased on the premises can be consumed on the premises. There will be no house entertainment in the bar during drinking up time. All customers are required to be neatly dressed. The hotel will not engage in promotions which encouraged the irresponsible consumption of alcohol. Staff are trained in responsible serving of alcohol or essay known and low alcoholic drinks will be available at all times. Alcohol is served. Staff will encourage guests to make alternative safe transport arrangements if they are considered to exceed the legal driving limit. We would be happy to call a taxi for guests free of charge service available at the front desk. The best way to deal with violence and a licenced premises is to try and avoid it completely by implementing the following strategy. Keep customers happy and comfortable by removing glasses and cleaning tables. Often use crowd controllers and security when required. Use camera surveillance to monitor crowd behaviour. Have food readily available at all times. Try and maintain gender balanced grounds. Provide excellent servers to keep customers happy. Make sure there are adequate seating arrangements. Remember, it is a legal responsibility to remove intoxicated people from the premises in the interest of protecting staff and customers.