Stephen Daly - TV Announcer Demo

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Young Adult (18-35)


Irish (Eastern- Leinster, Dublin)


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don't know about you, but I certainly had something in my eye watching Ireland's got talent on Saturday night. If you haven't seen Sharon and Brendan's mom and son act, you need to head to the Virgin Media Player and check it out. Now be warned, though. All of the fields. Next, though. We start a brand new week with this morning three weeks into Ireland's got talent, and the standard act for me has to be the park or group from week to not to jump to conclusions, but it'll take something special to be those guys find out if anyone could do the business tonight as Ireland's got talent continues at 7 20. Next, though home is where the game is. It's time to let battle commence. After weeks of blind auditions, the aspiring pop stars of the Voice UK come head to head on. I'm sure we'll all be cheering on. Scary is native Eva Campbell, who's representing Team Ali. The Voice UK is on the way at 10 to 9. Next, though, if you're feeling guilty about skipping the housework, rest assured you've got nothing on this lot. Now I'm sure we all agree that Monday is probably the most miserable day off the week. Luckily, we've a guaranteed laugh and a half in store tonight on Virgin Media to join Dom Jolly for full Britannia at 8 30. Now those sure to be a laugh or two along the way as we enjoy an hour of chat with Elaine.