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Character Reel 1

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Voice Over • Animation


This demo features some voices that are within my natural speaking range and expands into dynamic voices that show flexibility.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
lift your swords, your spears, your shields and take the heavy march that you have prepared your life for. Mhm. I raise my sword to you and call to all. We are the enemy is slain to victory, my brothers. This place has stories. I'll tell you perhaps that is what has kept me here to unearth the life from this pit of death and Mayes. Why are you looking at me, old man? Sunny? You get up off that pity party of yours and do that. Thinking somewhere else you want to make change, You gotta prove yourself first. It is unfortunate, dear sir, that you appear to have stumbled into my lap. Do you realize who I am? I run this operation with an iron fist? It's the only way to get things done. Sound familiar, bub, That's right. It's your favorite skin toned middleman with a healing factor off the charts. Give me your best shot, Punk. If you can't take me down, you can meet my claws unless you'd like to tell me where my friends are. Hello, Candy boy, What kind of candy are you having today? Hi Mr announcer man. Today, I'm having a swirly twirly lollipop. See it's got two flavors and spins round on his stick. You see everybody likes swirly twirly these when they spin round and round everybody's eyes get swirly twirly too. Then they all want some. Oh, let me have a seat. Oh, I must have swirly twirly lease. I must have strawberries and cream. Thank you. Candy boy. Oh, welcome to the pond. My name is Mr Frog. I see that you have brought me the flies. I asked for Well done lad. Just the right amount of spice to. I'd stick around. But the boys and I have a show tonight. Why don't you come on down. We'll reserve a lily pad for you Greetings. I have come to you from the year 3000. My greatest sympathies to your race, but I'm afraid you are no more. You are defeated in the Great War of the Uprising of the Little Green Men. Our initial wartime data suggests you became docile and fat. You are so funny. Like dude, I am so psyched to catch this wave bro. My board is literally frothing man. Did you see jimmy out there? He was a total kook, but his moves were so gnarly bro. I'm surprised he didn't botch it. If he was a graham, he'd totally be on the pro circuit dude.