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This is a short script excerpt from the movie script .... 12 Years A Slave

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12 years a slave by john Ridley and the book is by Solomon. Northup. In the antebellum United States, Solomon, not herb of free black man from upstate new york, is abducted and sold in slavery. It is a saturday morning clad in the finest attire is an Solomon's wife, a few years younger than Solomon. She is lighter in color than Solomon as well. We see also the Northrop Children Elizabeth who was 10 Margaret eight and Alonso, Who's five. They're handsome and well groomed kids and straightening up the Children, she finishes, she rises up and stands behind them almost as if preparing to pose for a portrait. They all wait a moment. Then Solomon enters the fire. He stands and looks admiringly at his family admiringly. It isn't that he doesn't have love for them, he does as well, but in the moment he truly admires his greatest accomplishment of family that is healthy and well and provided for. He goes to his Children and hands eat a coin, he moves them to an and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Children giggle. Not the site