The Earth's Tilt / Major Shift Of The Poles



It has been said that if a major Earthquake happened near the Equator, the Earth's Pole would shift and Earth would tilt , which will cause Alaska to have a warm climate and Have a beach .

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A new spin on earth's rotation. Welcome to tropics of Alaska, the sand dunes of Siberia, imagine a shift in the earth so profound that it could force the entire planet to spend on its side. A new report from Princeton Geoscience team gives us the first real evidence that this kind of major shift happened some 800 million years ago. This theory is called the true polar wander. It says that if an object of sufficient weight, such as a supersized volcano, ever formed far from the equator, the planet would tilt and rotate itself until the extra weight was located at the equator, Although it's unlikely to occur anytime soon, they see it would happen again before you pack your beach blanket for Alaska. Now that a shift like this would take some five million 2, 2 million years.