Animation Demo



Animation Demo showcasing my dynamic range with animation, displaying a variety of characters from different genres, such as a stern Prince, sad little boy, nervous teen, an older brotherly figure, and much more!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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space camp. I'm going to space camp. Hey mom! Mom! Why are you packing my stuff? But you promised. Well, well, well, it seems like someone wants to beat my high score. Wait, what? You can't take my title. No, not my boot blocks belt. I gave you simple orders on how to handle nightingale flowers and you failed. Those flowers are vital in saving my father. And your incompetence is nothing short of treason. Look, you don't understand two people looking at each other, face to face like that. What if I lose eyelash? You can't afford to make a mistake next time. Even if the whole world is trying to hunt you down? Don't let go of your fire Starlight. No, this is my ship. My crew. Fine. But if I'm dying here, so are you haul me a miser again, dwarf. It'll pluck out with a little beer hair you have left. Just get the job done or I feed you to better