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Today is Emily's practice session before tomorrow's race at the mid Ohio car course, her father, Mark has flown in to surprise her. She hasn't seen him in months. Mark arrives at the track but doesn't want to disrupt Emily before her practice session. Ghailani's team is down early By the end of the first half, Leilani has yet to step on the field. Leilani is frustrated about her lack of game time, feeling that her skills and work ethic are being ignored. Once again, Natalie makes use of her position near the back of the pack to avoid crashes. Her strategy pays off now it's time to make her move. Natalie puts the pedal to the metal and starts burning through the competition. As the race winds down each lap becomes precious, Natalie moves up 10 places for holly. Having a fiance who is also a jockey, means strategizing about racing is never over holly and tom. Races shift constantly and their travel schedules means lots of time apart, but their presence in each other's lives is constant.