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Kroger Community Action partner radio spot

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American Heart Association and Kroger partnership radio spot in Roanoke, VA.

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community partners, the American Heart Association and Kroger. Hi, I'm Tim McIntire. Did you know that? 50 years ago? There was no CpR or heart bypass surgery 40 years ago? No angioplasty 30 years ago. No anti rejection drugs for transplants. 20 years ago, there weren't any medications to reduce disability from stroke. Imagine 15 years ago, flying on an airplane without a lifesaving, automated external defibrillator on board seven years ago there were no drug coated heart stints and a little over a year ago there was no hypothermia therapy available at local hospitals because of generous donors like you and Kroger who participated in area heart walks. This technology is now available and saving more lives today than ever. The dollars you and Kroger have raised fund. Local cutting edge research. What's next? We're learning how to grow heart valves in a lab with the patient's own cells. Amazing life saving research made possible from amazing donors like you and Kroger.