Tell Tale Heart

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The work opens with this excerpt.

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It's true. Yes, I have been ill very ill. But why do you say that I have lost control of my mind? Why do you say that? I am mad? Can you not see that? I have full control of my mind. Is it not clear that I am not mad? Indeed? The illness only made my mind my feelings. My sense is stronger, more powerful. My sense of hearing especially became more powerful. I could hear sounds I had never heard before. I heard sounds from heaven and I heard sounds from ****. Listen, listen, and I will tell you how it happened. You will see, you will hear how healthy my mind is. It is impossible to say how the idea first entered my head. There was no reason for what I did. I did not hate the old man. I even loved him. He had never hurt me. I did not want his money. I think it was his. I his eye was like the eye of a vulture, the eye of one of those terrible birds that watch and wait while an animal dies, and then fall upon the dead body and pull it to pieces to eat it. When the old man looked at me with his vulture, I, a cold feeling went up and down my back, even my blood became cold, and so I finally decided I had to kill the old man and close that I forever.