Travis - Character and Animation


Vocal Characteristics




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Yes. What is it? I'm seeking wisdom. Uh, come in, my friend. I can help look sharp, Bobby. Here come the crime lab, boy. But, Sam, this is my first case. What away? Do just relax, Can. Good evening, my friends. So glad you could be here tonight. Our pleasure, Congressman. And we having a magic lantern show. I'm talking to flash the world's fastest man. How's it going there? Flee, fellow. I'm cool. Wait a second. I thought I'd left the stove on. DiMaggio waits Hair is the pitch. That ball is going, Going gone. Good evening, Mr and Mrs North and South America and all the ships at sea Like luxurious yards, caviar and long vacations It's midnight in the big city and is the city sleeps One man takes on the case of trucking Safe The neighbors Diesel attack Timed Angel Good morning, Mr High Star. It's dreadful, Chad Lee. Hi casts. But the thought of hiding toe work today Here's a poem from tree Wizard Wiz E. It's not really good, but he's been really busy. Wow. Here I go. My first brain surgery. I had an energy drink before I got here. Halloween horror nights coming Universal Studios. Thank you, my friend. It appears my work here is done