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No, I see here you'd like to produce a radio Marshall commercial gs. Now, have you done this sort of thing before? And but how hard could it? Bill, You know, you might want to call in an expert for the and why has it taken? Get a scrap. You grab an announcer you and Theo on and you end up with Just listen. That's why I'm bringing in an outside expert to produce this. I think that's a good idea. This is the story of Janet, who discovered one morning water dripping from the ceiling directly below the upstairs bathroom. Since Janet and her family are living in the 21st century, everyone's naturally very busy. This'll sort of situation had the potential to turn into a major disaster. There are more our Visa Travel and USA than there are security holes in your Internet browser. There are more RVs, and there are insipid reality programs on the network schedule. Which reminds me, if you're sitting at home watching reality programming on the weekend, you're missing out on something really important. You're missing. The entire darn country is a lined up is a *****. It's going. It's here for North America and all the ships at sea. There now, 48 minutes. It magic, myth or science? Perhaps a little of each. From the dawn of time through the new millennium, mankind has always explored Look sharp, Bobby. Here come the crime lab, boy. But, Sam, this is my first case. What away? Do just relax, CAD Pioneer Telephone sends its condolences to all of its competitors who are still recovering from Pioneer's new long distance plan. Witness History, September 30th.