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What do you get when half a dozen M. I. T. Graduates meet up and start a business world class engineering. We took notes from the world's most talented professional trainers and athletes to invent the world's first real time muscle wellness scanner, lots of late nights coffee and more coffee generation after generation. Until one night we found it packed packed offers a better recovery solution, personalized, insightful and more effective. It adapts to recovery treatment based on the scan, so it is more effective and completely personalized packed is an active recovery system that tracks and adapts to your body to provide a personalized and effective muscle recovery treatment. Made for everyone from NBA superstars to the casual athletes, not just for short term pain relief, but also for long term performance enhancement Packed utilizes six sensors to take 5,172 measurements per second. Are data driven technology will intelligently relieve muscle pain and enhance your muscles long term performance anytime anywhere. Your own personal trainer on the go.