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A nonfiction self-help guide to developing the discipline to accomplish goals.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American, US African American, US Mid-Atlantic


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discover the bulletproof strategies to become a more likeable and charming person that everybody wants to be friends with. Are you feeling lonely? Are you an introvert having trouble building genuine friendly relationships? Do you feel like nobody likes you? If so you are not the only one in today's super busy world. We are lonelier than ever. It may be because of the fact that everybody is always busy or that the internet and social media are giving us a false sense of connection. Still the problem exists, but fortunately there is a way to stop feeling the sting of loneliness and this guide will show you how would you like to be liked, appreciated and connected? Would you like to be a more confident, charming and overall likable person? Would you like your life to become richer, happier and easier? Well, if you do then the solution is within your grasp how to make people like you will take you on a unique self improvement journey where you will learn how to become a more likeable and charming person. It does take practice and courage. But with detailed step by step guides tried and tested strategies. This journey will be a piece of cake. Here's what the self improvement guide will offer you the human need for connection, explained science behind likability as a human trait. Step by step guide to acquire the mindset of a likable person, introverts. Guide to building social connections with these crash course to the art of communication, verbal and nonverbal body language, bulletproof strategies to make yourself more confident and more likable mental exercises to practice likability, it's a skill until you embody it and much more. If you want to become a confident and likable person that will easily succeed in life, all you need to do is follow easy guides and expert advice found in this book. So what are you waiting for?