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Bedtime Tales. Narration. Learning. Animated.

Voice Over • Animation


Short read from one of my daughter's favorite books. produced by me,

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Young Adult (18-35)


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One summer's morning a little taylor was sitting at his table near the window, working cheerfully away as he worked. An old woman came down the street shouting Good jams for sale, good jams for sale, nice and cheap. This sounded like an excellent idea to the taylor, so he leaned out of the window and called out. Here, Dear woman, I will buy some of your goods. The old woman climbed the steps to the window with a heavy basket. The tailor made her unpack all of her pots, each of which he inspected closely. He lifted all the lids and sniffed each one. Finally, he said. This jam here seems to be quite good way me out, four ounces, please, Dear woman! The woman had hoped to make a good sale, so she grumbled and complained as she weighed out the tiny amount, but the tailor was very pleased he cut some bread and spread the jam on it, then laid it next to him while he continued working.