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during an emergency, whether from a blazing fire or a traffic accident. As a fireman and a paramedic, Mark Bruns was always there in a crisis when most people panic and run its marks nature to head towards the flames. That's just the courage, leadership and focus we need representing us in the Missouri House. Mark is already working to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil from countries who hate us by making Missouri a leader in the production of alternative fuels. Passing the Quality Jobs Act is helping attract family supporting jobs and letting taxpayers keep more of their hard earned dollars during these tough economic times. Hi, folks, this is Mark Bruns and my priorities air simple. I want to cut taxes to help your our economy work towards energy independence and get tough on employers who hire illegal aliens while the politicians in Washington D. C sit on their hands. I'm fighting hard every day to reform state government and get things done that help our families right here in Missouri. That's why I'm asking for your vote on November 4th, paid for by Bruns for representative James Waste Treasure