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when it comes to incarceration. Where you live makes all the difference. Take Maricopa County in Arizona and Miami Dade County in Florida. These two counties have a lot in common. They have similar criminal justice laws, similar crime rates and similar demographics, including, Ah, large immigrant population. But that's where the similarities end. Since 2000 Maricopa has increased the number of people that sends to prison by 33%. Over that same period, Miami Dade has reduced the number of people it sends to prison by 46%. Today, Miracle blocks up twice as many people per capita in state prison as Miami Dade does. While both counties have seen substantial reductions in crime, Miami Day did it without sending more people to prison, showing that crime reduction is possible without locking people up for expensive prison terms. Maricopa County, like Arizona, is falling behind the rest of the nation. While many other states and cities are implementing smart reforms to reduce crime and incarceration, Arizona is doubling down on the failed policies of the past and at what cost state is spending $1 billion a year on a bloated prison system that is not making Arizona and safer, Arizona must fix its broken criminal justice system and revisit the outdated policies that hurt its economies, communities and families.