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here that it's the sound of America's debt clock ticking. The red ink now stands at $136 for each and every family in Colorado. Republican candidate for Congress Jeff Crank will stop the dead clock from ticking with his plan to cut needless spending and pass a balanced budget amendment on August 8. Republican primary voters can stop this clock. Jeff Crank For Congress, allowing the Keystone Pipeline to be built would be in our nation's interest. Theo Keystone, 40 Pipeline is ready to be built. The bills on his desk. It's all up to the president. Will he say yes to new jobs? Yes, to economic growth and make our nation more secure. The choice is his Mr President. Take action. Signed. The bill paid for by the American Petroleum Institute, reviews air in on Alison Grimes and her campaign. Grimes should be ashamed of herself, her ads funded by the president's money men. And she'll say anything to hide it. You completely corrupt. How could Allison Grimes change? Washington? She's already everything that's wrong with it. Kentucky Opportunity Coalition is responsible for the content of this advertising. It strikes one and five Americans No, it's not heart disease or cancer. It's mental illness. Lynn Jenkins knows this, and she went toe work to do something about it and for her leadership. She was awarded legislator of the year Lynn Jenkins, finding common ground working for us Wall Street banks shower Washington Politicians with campaign contributions and speaking fees on what do they get for it? A rigged economy, tax breaks and bailouts? Washington politicians air paid over $200 an hour for speeches, but they oppose raising the living wage to $15 an hour for all Americans. $200 an hour for them, but not even 15 bucks an hour. For the rest of us, enough is enough. In Congress, Fred Upton is fighting for us to make a better future for Michigan families. Upton is working to replace Obamacare with reforms that reduce costs, and Fred Upton is fighting so that veterans young and old get the benefits they need and deserve. Fred Upton, fighting for southwest Michigan