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Hey, up here! It's me. Your hair, your rapidly thinning hair. Remember the good old days fluttering in the wind Tussled by beautiful women. I miss it too. Maybe it's time to do something. I'm talking about new hair, that natural system that works from within to slow hair loss so I can eventually grow back. You can get it at Walmart. Hey, I'm Harvey Pelican. When I know the real reason birds Flight South, it's because the best prices and biggest cast rebates are Myrtle Beach Kia. You have all trespassed for stepping foot into my domain. You have now reached your point of no return. You're all about to be damned. Ah, took it long enough to get here, but no worries. Now you're here at my place. The hottest site in town. Iggy's local. I'm what you'd call the proprietor. Here. My miggy! Hey! Oh, my owner made a sharp turn and I flew off the center console, hit the glove box and landed on the floorboard. And to make it worse, I was receiving an incoming call