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The right voice can make or break any voice project. But how do you know if you’ve got the right voice for the job? At Voices.com, our Professional Services team creates job postings that bring out the best in your brand while communicating what voice talent need to hear.

Knowing how to spot the right sound, interpretation and audio quality is what we do best. You can trust our ears to find the voices that will move your target audience and deepen engagement with existing customers.

When you work with Professional Services, we take care of all the heavy lifting so that you can skip to the fun part of the job, namely picking the voice that you want representing your brand. At the end of the day, it’s all about aligning your brand sound with the best possible performance.

Do You Know Who - And What - You’re Listening For?

Half of the battle in picking the right voice is to know what you're listening for. Before you can confidently know that, you need to fully understand your brand, the message to be shared and the audience meant to hear it. Having that information is key to understanding whether or not a voice talent's audition or read meets your criteria for hiring.

Our Professional Services team members take the following three key factors into account when casting voices for your projects:

  • Brand Sound
  • Interpretation of the script
  • Audio quality

1. Brand Sound

This is akin to your brand’s audio signature. From the moment a client picks up the phone, hears a commercial or watches a video, impressions are being formed that will shape the relationship one way or another. Your brand sound must be consistent no matter what medium - text, images, audio or video - is being leveraged. How your brand sounds must align with how it looks and feels, in any medium. Keep the following considerations in mind:

  • The demographic meant to hear the voice over
  • Any language or accent requirements
  • Creative direction
  • The perceived age of the voice

We will guide you through the questions you need to ask - and the answers you need in return - to qualify talent responses and ensure your brand sound is consistent.

2. Interpretation of the Script

We’ll help you ensure voice talent has everything necessary to properly interpret your script and determine whether or not they meet your criteria and are able to sound like your brand. Once you receive your auditions, you'll want to start listening for:

  • Comprehension of your copy and identification with the brand
  • Phrasing and overall flow
  • Diction and articulation
  • How the voice talent sounds representing your company in this context

3. Audio Quality

Although this one can be tricky for non-audio engineers to listen for, we’ll help you learn how to identify the highest quality submissions. Keep your ears focused on the following to better identify the right talent for your project:

  • If the recording sounds crisp
  • Any background noises picked up
  • Mouth noises like lip smacking
  • If there is editing required (i.e. breathing, clicks, etc.)

If you find a voice talent that meets the first two but falls short on audio quality, and you're also set on hiring them for their talent, you may want to book time in a professional recording studio. But ideally, the best vocal talent should be able to fulfill all three requirements for Brand Sound, Script Interpretation and Audio Quality. And no matter who you’re looking for, Voices.com can help you find them.

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