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Why Voices is the publishing world’s global source for narrators

Numerous Talent

Voice talent, in your backyard or from the other end of the world, speaking over 100 languages and dialects.

Convenient Recording

Voices actors can record broadcast-quality files from home studios, or we can arrange in-studio recording.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate easily with your team on projects with our user-friendly online platform.

Project Management

Our Professional Service account managers take care of everything, and adjust to your workflow and preferences.

Skilled Narrators

Whether you need partially-voiced, fully-voiced or multicast recordings, our professional voice actors can do that.

Affordable Narration

High-quality recordings from professionals who specialized in long form narration, all for a competitive rate.

Get access to the world’s top voice actors

Voices is trusted by the world’s most prominent brands


Voices in action

At Voices, the number of project types that we can help you complete are nearly endless.
Our publishing clients rely on us for all their voice over requirements.

How Voices works

Learn how Voices makes finding professional voice actors faster and easier than anyone else.

Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven, safe and sound way to pay

Whether you are an independent publisher or part of a big publishing house, your funds are important to you. Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a credible, secure and sound way to pay for the talent you hire and ensure your transactions are secure. 

You can create custom shortlists through Voices

Cutting down your selections can help make it easier for you to pick the right voice and present only the top voices to other decision makers. You can create custom shortlists through Voices to help make those hard decisions easier.

Top narrator qualities

Here are the top 5 vocal qualities (known as ‘styles’) that publishers source from Voices.
Select a style to listen to voice actors.

Our publishing client case studies

Learn about how Voices helped to bring these projects to life for some of the world’s most loved and notable brands.

children books images

Audiobook narration for CCRW

Having a great narrator is crucial to the success of your book. To ensure you have the right voice, having many options to choose from is key. Voices audiobook narrators can perform multiple characters or the voice over as the author intended. Here’s how Voices helped the Canadian Council of Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) create a series of audiobooks for children.

<48 hours for auditions
<7 days for audio
6 audiobooks
Storyflow logo

Voice applications for Storyflow

Smart home devices are the fastest adopted technology in history. In order to ensure your company is keeping up, you’ll need to speak through these powerful devices. When you’re developing a custom Alexa Skill or Google Home Actions, we can help. Here’s how Voices helped Storyflow to find their perfect voice for their voice application.

5 hour turnaround
1k reached per week
10 hours to complete
Texture by Next Issue (Rogers)

Digital advertising for Texture (Rogers)

No matter where your ads appear, and no matter how long (or short) you’ve cut them, they have to cut through the noise. Voices is enabling advertisers to earn attention with high-caliber, professional voice over. Here’s how Voices helped Texture by Next Issue find their perfect voice for their digital advertising campaign.

1 day to complete
143 custom auditions
2 ads

“Voices made it easy to find quality talent quickly, with the actors/actresses responding in a very timely manner. The ability to have them demo a part of the script was amazing.”

Braden Ream,
CEO & Co-founder, Voiceflow Inc.

Publishing industry statistics

Wondering what’s going on in the publishing industry? Should you be investing in narration voice over?
Look no further than these compelling statistics:

More than 50% of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to an audiobook
Source: Forbes
The number of audiobook titles published in the United States has grown from approximately 6,200 to over 50,000 between 2010 and 2016
Source: Statista
According to The American Association of Publishers, digital revenue rose 32.1% in 2018’s first quarter
Source: Forbes
In 2016, Audible reported that over 2 billion hours of content had been downloaded
Source: Good eReader

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