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Audio from a production of Arch Oboler's

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Let me tell you quick. His profits weren't big enough. Pierre Codey taught to himself. The trouble was with the men in the factories. He decided they wanted too much. Oh yes, shorter hours, more money. And this and that it was the men and the machines were to blame. If he could get men who'd never want but only work. Yes. Then he got an idea. If he could find a place where only he'd be the boss, where there'll be no organizers and investigators and birds of arbitration, then he tell the men what to do and they do it with the profits and out with the headaches and an island. I a private island. And that was the answer. I'm telling you. I've been telling you all along a matter of money. You know what money is? It's been the day and the night and the sun and the moon of your family. For as long as there has been one of you money. I and here was the making of it. And the horror of it. One vote on the island this and a couple of minutes more, it won't be here. Well, you are one of them. And I said before, and I'll say it again, this is your inheritance in Ireland. And a factory. And 1000 perfect workmen who never want anything for themselves except a bit of food. They grow who sit at your machines until they rot and die a perfect inheritance for a court day. I leave it all for you until you rot and die