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    Pirate Voices

    'Ahoy matey! So ye are look'n fer a real pirate voice eh?' A pirate voice can be gritty, wacky and exaggerated. You could be searching far and wide for an adventurous pirate voice that takes your audience on a voyage with them, or maybe you need a smelly, gross pirate voice that's been at sea far too long.

    The pirate is a sea-faring thief, known for enjoying sailing, drinking and looting. The pirate is stereotypically greedy, cruel and maintains a menacing demeanour. The pirate may also have a “pirate accent” and have “pirate speak”. These speech patterns can create a distinctive and recognizable pirate voice.

    The most well known pirates are those of the Atlantic and Caribbean, although the concept of piracy occurred globally, such as in the Mediterranean and off the northern coasts of Europe, and still maintains a presence to this day off the coasts of Africa and China. Pirates are also most often men, although there are a few outliers such as Anne Bonny or Mary Read. Pirates in film who are examples to learn from are Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, and Blackbeard, from his numerous film portrayals.

    The pirate may speak with terms commonly associated with pirates such as “argh matey” and “scallywag”. Pirates also sing sea shanties, sometimes while drunk, which can add to the pirate character. To learn more on speaking like a pirate, it is best to read up on resources made for Talk Like a Pirate Day, which occurs on September 19th.

    Whatever kind of pirate voice your latest project needs, you can find it here. Don’t be a landlubber, learn more about voicing a pirate today!