Voice Over • Animation


Animation demo highlighting range from pre-teen to middle age adult.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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Oh, boy, this is gonna be fun. Way could conserve bacon and waken even press the shiny friend, But a bit Stockwell I got to the creature in time and the preacher seals, But these incidents are getting much more frequent. We're not gonna be able to defend the field much longer without help. Oh, well, guess what? Today I could have solved a murder and made my boss happy. But someone got in the way of that. Just probably using it would use the want for its intended purpose ruling the universe. Hey, look, guys, I'm in a black hole portal thing. Check it out. Everything next to be excluding fresh tracks. Let's pick up the pace, people. Everyone stick together. Things close. It's a smart as I think it is. It'll take out the stragglers first. What do you mean? I never get upset. I get upset. Watch here. Uh, I'm upset. I'm really upset. Uh, right. Shoot. First driving. Read. Larry's garage wins. It's an expression. Okay. There's no enchilada surprises. Glory. When I was seven, I shave my baby sister like a naked mole rat. Blamed it on my brother