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Profile photo for Courtney Chen

Courtney Chen

Manhattan Beach, California

Animation Reel

Voice Over Animation + 13 More
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Profile photo for Richard Mann

Richard Mann

London, United Kingdom

Richard Mann - British Character Compilation

Voice Over Animation + 12 More
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Profile photo for Bryan Kopta

Bryan Kopta

Los Angeles, California

Bryan Kopta - GlassesUSA - Friendly, Conversational

Voice Over Television Ad + 22 More
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Profile photo for Rex Anderson

Rex Anderson

Baltimore, Maryland

Cartoon, Video Game, and Radio Play Characters

Voice Over Animation + 18 More
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Profile photo for Mike O'Brian

Mike O'Brian

Los Angeles, California

E Learning Demo > thoughtful, teacher, professor, educational, informative

Voice Over Elearning + 21 More
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Profile photo for Dan Weinberg

Dan Weinberg

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Additional Commercials 13

Voice Over Documentaries + 18 More
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All About Nerd Voices

The nerd is a quiet, reserved, and academic character. The nerd character is intellectual and enjoys studying, solving problems, experimenting, and reading. The nerd character is also stereotypically socially inept, being shy, reserved, and awkward. The nerd character may have a few close friendships with other nerds, but he or she may have difficulty finding a partner or fitting in with the broader work or school community.

Where to find the nerd vocal character

The nerd can most often be seen in academic settings, and in the more technical and skilled occupations. Nerd characters often have an affinity for science, math, and computing, and have a robust knowledge of the subjects. Nerd characters can frequently be seen coding, working at a technology or internet startup, experimenting in a lab, and researching. Nerd characters are often financially successful and have good employment opportunities. Nerd characters usually take on occupations in which they talk to few people, such as being a lab researcher, a programmer, a mathematician, or an archivist.

Examples of nerd characters in pop culture

The nerd character can be seen most often in movies for children, teenagers, and young adults. Nerd characters can also be seen in many genres, such as mystery and comedy. Spider-man is considered a nerdy character, often busy tinkering with his gadgets, working on his suit, and studying science. Sherlock Holmes is another nerd character, who has a few close friends and is also very intellectual. He spends much of his time focusing on using logic to serve crimes. Observing nerd characters in action can help you identify their traits and understand their awkwardness in social situations.