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the Wells Fargo campus card made to make student life just a little easier. Mhm. It's here to help you get what you need as you go through your day from books to boba tea from a hot slice of pizza to a playlist that's fired. We've teamed up with colleges and universities to bring you a car designed especially for your campus depending on which school you attend. You'll have access to either a campus debit card or the campus A. T. M. Card with your campus debit card you can show your school colors and pride each time you make a purchase with your campus A. T. M. Card you can supercharge your school I. D. With debit features plus it gives you convenient access to on campus privileges. You can choose to link your campus card to a Wells Fargo clear access banking account or an everyday checking account. Both accounts are designed to take you from your first day on campus to graduation and beyond you can access your account at more than 12,000 Wells Fargo A. TMS. For fast cash and so much more. Plus if you link your campus card to an everyday checking account you'll receive some exclusive account benefits to use your card on or off campus for purchases whether you're back at home or on a road trip to the big game or spring break. Hey it's not all just studying and exams. Right? And with the reimagined Wells Fargo mobile app you can see all your deposits, transfers and A. T. M. Withdrawals all in one place. Check out our web page to learn more about your schools program to get started, then make an appointment at a Wells Fargo branch to link your campus card to your Wells Fargo checking account or open a new account. A banker can help you with every step. It's all how we're making college life a little easier. The Wells Fargo campus card program, no campuses quite like yours. No program is quite like ours, minimum. Opening deposit is $25 monthly service fee for the everyday checking account is $10 and can be avoided when the primary account owner is 17 through 24 years old. Monthly service fee for the clear access banking account is $5 and can be avoided when the primary account owner is 13 through 24 years old. When the primary account owner reaches the age of 25 age can no longer be used to avoid the monthly service fee. Everyday checking customers have other ways to avoid the monthly service fee, customers between 13 and 16 years old must open the clear access banking account with an adult co owner, see a Wells Fargo banker or the consumer account fee and information schedule available at Wells Fargo dot com slash deposit disclosures for more information about other fees that may apply and options to avoid the monthly service fee. To learn more about additional account benefits with linking your campus card to an everyday checking account, Ask a banker for details or visit Wells Fargo dot com slash campus card. To request a campus debit card, you must visit a Wells Fargo branch in the state where your school is located for the campus A. T. M. Card. You can link your school I. D. To a new or existing Wells Fargo checking account at any Wells Fargo branch availability of the Wells Fargo mobile app may be affected by your mobile carrier's coverage area, your mobile carrier's message and data rates may apply Copyright 2022 Wells Fargo Bank, N. A. Member F. D. I. C.