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Profile photo for Heather Nichols

Heather Nichols

Los Angeles, California

eLearning Compilation (educational, informative, corporate training)

Voice Over Elearning + 19 More
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Andrea de Alva

Mexico, Mexico

Spanish Latin American Young Female Commercial 2022

Voice Over Radio Ad + 18 More
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Profile photo for Melanie Scroggins

Melanie Scroggins

Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas

Commercial-Believable, Conversational, Upbeat, Modern, Authentic

Voice Over Television Ad + 19 More
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Profile photo for Bryan Olson

Bryan Olson

Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Dollar Bank - Professional, Story Teller, Genuine

Voice Over Video Narration + 21 More
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Greg Hooper

Toronto, Ontario

Narration Sample

Voice Over Documentaries + 21 More
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Profile photo for Glenn Boychuk

Glenn Boychuk

Omaha, Nebraska

Healthy drinking water for the world, Real Person, conversational

Voice Over Video Narration + 19 More
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The millennial is a character born between the years of 1981 and 1996. The millennial is collaborative, optimistic, social and opinionated. The millennial is also very skilled at using technology, so much to the point that many are dependent on it. The millennial often dreams of how the world should be, and sees all he or she does as a means to actuate that goal. The millennial is younger, with an optimism and idealism that is present in their young adulthood.

The millennial is very social, and an idealist. Millennials are well educated, with almost half of them having a bachelor’s degree or higher. The millennial often has a goal or cause he or she lives to fulfill, and sees all aspects of life as areas he or she can work to achieve that goal. The millennial often finds friends, a team, and satisfying work and hobbies to further his or her growth as a person. The millennial is highly involved with technology, often using social media and video calls. Millennials also like to use technology to forge their own paths. Millennials enjoy fun and creative events, such as concerts, comedy shows, video game teams and in content creation hobbies.

Millennials can be seen most frequently in entry level jobs and startups, especially in technology startups. Millennials also can be seen as heads of or spokespeople for social movements and non-profit organisations. Millennials can also be seen documenting their lives on social media platforms such as YouTube. Millennials can be seen in almost all forms of modern media, as well. Understanding the values and mindset of people born in the Generation Y generation, and having a voice that sounds more young, is important in properly voicing this character, though other character traits generally take priority over the stereotypical behaviour of said age group. Voice a millennial character today!