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Magical Hydrangea: Brand Movie (British)

Voice Over • Video Narration

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)




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nature. So much beauty to admire, so many wonders to behold. Its charms are all around this. Listen closely, look carefully and you'll see that nature doesn't rush things. It takes the time to care for everything that grows and blossoms and overwhelms you with its amazing palate of colors. Because it's nature that provides the richest, most awe inspiring color experiences colors that captivate surprise and change. Nature shows us how life should be vibrant, dynamic, exhilarating. No two days are the same on this wonderful gift from nature is embedded in the DNA of every magical hydrangea. Blessed with nature's irresistible vitality, their colors are constantly changing throughout the flowering period. Magical, magical hydrangeas are created by nature but cultivated by our growers, a select group of specialists who cared deeply about plants, people and the world around them. The robust D. N A. Of the plants, in combination with our expert care, gives magical hydrangeas the strength to stay in bloom for months, ensuring you get to enjoy the interplay of colors for exceptionally long time. With magical hydrangeas. You give your world new color day after day because every moment of their existence is unique, they bring nature's vitality into your home or garden, creating a sense of connection with nature and a bond between your living room and your garden. So allow yourself to be amazed, entranced and let magical hydrangea guide you through nature's wonders and colors. We'll give it a gift to someone you care for, a gift that never ceases to surprise.