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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Announcers are typically voice actors who read scripts prepared by clients. Announcers who specialize in radio or television broadcasting are sometimes referred to as disc jockeys (DJs), radio jockeys (RJs), or video jockeys (VJs).

    Whether it’s through radio or television broadcasts or during live events, announcers deliver a message (announcements) to an audience.

    You can hire an announcer for your project or event with ease at Voices. Simply fill out the Post a Job form, provide your artistic direction and your ideal budget, and in as little as one hour, custom auditions will be available for you to listen to and make your hiring decision.

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    All About Announcers

    Are you searching for an announcer to bring your script or event to life? You've come to the right spot.

    When you're in need of a voice actor who is a master of the cold read and can deliver an award worthy performance on the fly, the professional announcer is up for the task. Whether it's for a live sporting event on television, a weekly podcast introduction, or even the voice over for your company's annual general meeting, an announcer delivers a memorable performance that stands out from the crowd.

    Announcers can be heard on the radio, on television and film, and in live events such as awards shows or sporting events. These voice over professionals are typically tasked with providing live commentary, sharing important or breaking news, or introducing what's next — whether it's announcing a musical act or guest on a live event, a teaser for a new show, or a change in programming. As a professional announcer, these voice actors need to be quick on their feet and don't shy away from last minute script adjustments.

    While most announcers are given a script ahead of time to prepare, there is also an element of improvisation and commentary involved in announcing live events. An announcer must be nimble and good at keeping an audience engaged. A high quality announcer not only matches your audience in terms of energy and tone, but also understands the subject matter to be able to ad lib when required. An announcer doesn't necessarily need to be used in live events, either. The announcer voice is used for podcast introductions, advertisements, and films.

    Hiring a professional announcer is made easy at Voices. Simply browse by language, accent, style, age, and of course, role to find exactly what you're looking for. You can also easily connect with announcers with remote live directed session capabilities using our search.

    A quick listen to history archives shows us just how much the announcer voice has evolved over the years. The first half of the 20th century saw the rise of the mid Atlantic announcer voice, the quintessential announcer voice, known for its high pitch, dropped consonants, and staccato tone. Eventually, this fancier mid Atlantic style of speaking was dropped for a more general American and authoritative voice, blending each state's accents and colloquialisms into one standard announcer voice, but the evolution doesn't stop there.

    Today's audiences are looking for something they can connect with, and that's where the contemporary announcer voice fits in.The announcer voice has now become more authentic, relatable, and conversational in style. And with today's fragmented audiences, personalization is more important than ever.

    With so many choices available, knowing your audience is key when it comes to selecting the right announcer for your project or live event. For instance, a loud, booming announcer voice won't seem out of place on the local hard rock station, while the radio station that's streaming at a coffee shop likely calls for a more toned down and conversational sound.

    There's a reason why creative professionals choose Voices as their source for announcers and voice actors of all styles. With access to a rich pool of talented voice actors from around the world, speaking over 100 languages, accents, and dialects, you're bound to find a professional announcer to suit your needs.

    No matter what sound you're looking for, you can find the perfect announcer voice over for your target audience quickly and easily on Voices. Take a listen to our voice actors' demos to find the right voice for your project or event.