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promo for a mini series on Australia narrated by Barry Humphries which airde nationally in PBS late 2019

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Middle Aged (35-54)




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Drew do Kavala. Three scripts, three different Australian reads just so you have them venture to Australia's Furthest Corners. TTO find its higher snow peaks, warmest wilderness and lowest wetlands. These contrast ing landscapes offer a brutal and beautiful set of challenges unlike any other in the magical land of Oz. Wednesday at 10 9 Central only on PBS script, too. Australia's Ocean is one of the most extraordinary places on earth. Follow the continent's currents to find the rarest species armies of moulting crabs, mating giant cuttlefish and sea creatures from the world over, each drawn to the magical land of ours. Wednesday at 10 9 Central only on PBS screwed three. Australia's lands are none of some of the most pristine regions in the world. But closer to town, most residents are unaware they share their backyards with unlikely neighbours. Now, nature and man must learn what it takes to survive together in the magical land of Oz. Wednesday at 10 9 Central only on PBS. Thanks so much cheese