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A sampling of a couple of animals and a couple of characters - I can do plenty more!

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Hi, kids. I'm PT the parent, and I'm here to help you learn about the letter p. The letter P starts all sorts of perfectly pleasing words, like my favorite word parents. Okay, so you used the other guys and now your packages. Well, maybe it's not lost, but it's 10 a.m. and fat Tony's on the phone and the boss wants to drive you around the block. Capiche. So next time, if there should be a next time, use FedEx. There's something about being under the stars on the wide open prairie that brings out the best in a man. Then all he needs is a good horse and, of course, the finest in hand crafted leather boots. I do a lot of work as a horse here on this farm, but the best part of my day is eating oats and carrots.