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    All About Raspy Voices

    Adding a unique touch to your project can really set you apart from the pack. A raspy voice is one that is a bit rough or scratchy sounding and its intent is to sound more attractive in order to engage your audience.

    Best captured Marge Simpson’s twin sisters, Patricia Maleficent and Selma Bouvier are chain-smoking characters which very raspy voices.  Coincidentally, the identical twins and are voiced by Julie Kavner who also voices Marge.  Marge herself could even be said to have a raspy voice, although it’s much thinner and higher pitches than the twins.

    When it comes to male voice talent with raspy voices, often cowboys come to mind.  This is likely because of the dust that enters their throat that overtime creates a raspiness.

    And, for the rest of us, you’ve probably experienced a raspy voice in the morning after staying up late the night before or over exerting yourself by yelling at a concert or sporting event.  The raspy voice effect tends to go away within a couple of hours and drinking water certainly helps with the healing process.

    Raspy voices sound strained, worn out and even aged. While this isn’t a characteristic that’s always appealing, some projects call for this type of performance.

    If your project requires a bit (or a lot!) of vocal roughness or raspiness, you’ll want to hear and consider these voices for your project.