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Cover Art Product Promotion Deep Urban Voice

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needing to cover artwork for your next mixtape, album or single. Give our pre made cover stories shot. You can browse dozens of pre made cover artwork designs that you can use for your next song or project release. Watchly select the cover of your choice and fill in the required cover information on our product page and select any add ons like emotion cover or track list to help promote your music on social media. Then we will get to work changing the cover to your specifications and delivering it to your via email in 24 hours or less. All of our pre made cover designs fit the requirements of all major streaming platforms and distributors like Spotify, Apple Music, title, Deezer District It and more. When you buy one pre made cover, eligible for a second one at 50% off. Also currently over on the cover drop dot com, you can send us a DM on instagram or use the chat tool on our website If you have any questions.