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Feedback Testimonial Review Product

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I've always wanted my own TV network, but it wasn't an easy task. I tried about 10 years ago to get my idea off the ground, but I found out quickly how expensive it is or you know, if I didn't have any connections with the big cable guys knew anyone in the business, I wasn't able to get very far and where I wanted to go. It was a struggle and after years of pitching ideas and trying to get in front of the right people, I put it on the back burner for a few years, but it was still a goal I wanted to achieve friends, they told me to start a youtube channel and yeah, I can start a Youtube channel. Anyone can, but I wanted to have my own Tv channel, my own network with my branding. I wanted to get in front of an audience that Youtubers couldn't, I needed a system that could get me there or where I wanted to go. That's when I saw an ad from tv startup telling me I could start my own tv network and when I looked into it, it was a small fraction of what it would have costed me to do it myself. Now. I have my own network film flicks, I can present content to my viewers with my own branding. I can schedule my content to my livestream, organize and present my content in a catalog style and broadcast live and share it to my social media. I'm in control of how my network works. It's about two years now and my audience is continuously growing. I started with a few 1000 now I have more than that, and it's because of tv startup.