Dark brooding audiobook


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Young Adult (18-35)


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my phone rings. I find it buried under the papers scattered across my bed. It's cash calling on video. He's been on a run with his dad the past two days and got back late last night. Cash is full Name is Johnny Cash McDermott but everyone calls him Cash. His dad wanted to call him Cash from the start, but his mom wasn't having it, so he started. Life is Johnny. The moment is Mom died. Johnny became cash full time. She overdosed when he was three and he doesn't remember her at all. I answer and cash immediately jumps in with dude. Grams didn't kill me. She's losing it, though. He sits on the edge of his bed, cigarette in his mouth and a book on his lap. He's so tall he needs to bend his head to the side so it doesn't have the bunk bed above his red hair covers. When I but I can tell he's tired about time he got up, I'm coming over. I found something hidden in my dad's study. I tell him we'd he jokes, holding a cigarette like a joint. I think your dad had us covered on that. No a file. One of his patients remember Alex Fynn? Uh, well, apparently my dad was this therapist. It county. Did you try to set your dad on fire too? Thankfully, no. But I think the file has something to do with my dad's disappearance. You shouldn't me.