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    All About Storyteller Voices

    The storyteller is a character who narrates a story. The storyteller character is emotive, clear and creative. The storyteller character may narrate every line of the story and all the characters within, or simply the lines attributed to the narrator. The storyteller character aims to bring a story to life, lively mentioning all details and emotions in his or her story.

    Where storyteller voices appear

    The storyteller character can be seen in many settings. The storyteller character may take on the role of narrator, especially in formats such as audiobook recordings and radio broadcasts. The storyteller character may simply be reading his or her grandchild a bedtime story. The storyteller character is dynamic, expressing emotion and adding to the excitement of the story. The storyteller may whisper at parts of the story, shout at others, and make noises that relate to the sounds of characters or settings in the story. The storyteller character may also be an elder who passes down wisdom through parables and regional folklore.

    The storyteller character can be seen most often in fictional works and in documentaries. The storyteller character appears most frequently as a narrator in video-based media formats and similarly narrates stories in audio-only media formats. An example of a storyteller character would be The Storyteller from the NBC series of the same name. Through strong narration technique, enthusiastic and dynamic speech, and through practice speaking for long periods of time, you can voice a character capable of telling the most captivating of stories.