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As a hobbyist airplane pilot enthused with the golden age of aviation, I have an infatuation with World War II and those who served. Here is a self-written and produced piece demonstrating an example of a historical documentary narrator.

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40 billion munitions needed to be produced in only four years. The answer is perhaps America's best kept secret of World War Two. Women like Peggy Blakey, a migrant farm worker who now works in a munitions factory. The depression is suddenly over. Women's salaries from World War II will set off a consumer boom. Over 10,000 new markets are built and purchases rise, 12%, but Peggy's job is undeniably dangerous, And the same goes for two million other women detonators threaten their lives every second they're at work carefully placed into the shell. Last They explode on impact and are extremely unstable. The factory Peggy works inside is a giant bomb and it only takes a spark to set it off. A storm approaches the factory. The power flickers and suddenly the women are in complete darkness. The sound of shells falling on the ground means one wrong step could end everyone's life. So Peggy gets down low and begins to softly crawl her way toward the door, trying to navigate around the tracer shells. She waits for lightning to flash for a glimpse of what's around her. She's only 50 ft from the exit