London Gangster



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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (England - Cockney, Estuary, East End) British (General)


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huh? So you decided to be a full blood banks, right? Well, then you came to the right place for advice. A proper criminal mastermind as a crew to do the dirty work for him, chances are good choices they used to throwing people around for a living. But you also need people who are ready to fight, you know, going to the eyes and stuff. And that's what tortures do best. And you're gonna need a smuggler and a brain, too. London is big and varied once you select which place to hit a sign. A crew to plan the details. Equipment boring. Place them strategically. Let's get cracking. Now it's showtime. Play nasty and land heavy punches. Position your fellows. Let's work together. Watch your back. Most importantly, use force. Throw him further away, kick him to the politics or do something that will disorient them. So you can either finish it off. Go save your mate. Don't draw too much while doing gigs. The police could be a real pain in the ***. Gunshots and killing people get too much unwanted attention. Human can surely handle Bobby or two, but probably coppers. Is that if one of them gets mud. Lello killed dead there. There's always more coming up then it's not just one gig that got jeopardised your whole ******* businesses. Now, this one's important kid, you know, some sorry *** robber or lowly thief exposing yourself to arrest. You're a gangster. You want steady income to become a respectable business owner. Once you build a strong enough reputation, make local business owners and offer, they can't refuse more places you are, the bigger your organisation is on, the more tools you haven't get this. That's how you build a proper criminal empire. There are plenty of other rival gangs and criminal families. They won't take it lightly that you're taking part of London for yourself. So expect resistance. You're not gonna be able to rest until we've wiped out those who threaten your position as king of the Underworld. Well, that's about it. I know that all that. However, if you feel like the life of crime is not for you worry. No. There's a police station two blocks from here and I heard that they're hard choices. Yours, mate.