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    Gangster Voices

    The gangster is a character involved in collective crime. The gangster is usually violent, greedy, arrogant, lacks regard for the safety of others, and works with others in an organised or communal setting. The gangster is intimidating, and feels no remorse over threatening others or over the use of violence to get what he or she desires. Gangsters may be driven by motivations ranging from a desire for community, wealth, power or satisfaction of their violent tendencies. There are female gangsters, but they are very much a minority, with ninety percent of gangsters being male.

    The gangster embodies the negative traits associated with most other criminals, with the added elements of being more territorial, usually more organised, and more prone to violence. The gangster also has a form of fellowship with other gangsters, forming an identity with the gang, and trusting others in his or her gang. The gangster is usually involved in conflict with other gangs, as well as law enforcement. Gangsters may be arrested in conflicts or as a result of being connected to another crime, and may not cooperate with police. Other gangsters may become informants, and some undercover officers may infiltrate gangs.

    The gangster can range in role from being a low level recruit to a high level mob boss. The low level gangster typically is less trusted in the gang, seen as expendable, and does most of the criminal work. There are middle level gangsters who may control regions for a mob boss, and have more authority. There are also mob bosses, who control all criminal operations, and are typically more intelligent, charismatic and powerful, sometimes having good reputations outside of the crime world, with others unaware of their shady practices.

    The gangster can be seen primarily in movies and television shows such as the crime genre. Gangsters may have different accents depending on the localities and backgrounds assigned to the characters. Watching media with gangsters in it, and learning the background of the gangster you are voicing, can help you speak like you’ve been a goodfella your whole life.