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throughout history, people have done things that are risky. So even though it is a risky thing to be doing in my mind is worth it all crew members and now aboard the International space station. Even if the unfortunate and tragic thing was to happen to myself and my crew mates. I still think it's worth it being part of something that you feel is larger than yourself. Captain Scott Kelly's life has been about pushing the limit, finding that next aviation challenge. And then the one after that on his most recent mission, he spent a year commanding the International Space Station. What's Earth? I kind of forgot what, what it's like to live down there. The medical and biological investigations he did were part of a quest to figure out how our species can realistically get to mars and beyond. Now Captain Kelly is the spaceman who fell to Earth with a new mission, a television venture that will take you where few if none have gone before. For the first time in television history, Captain scott kelly will be bringing outer and inner Space together to further explore outer space. We have to become better explores of inner space. The insight we gain will keep humankind's dream of space exploration alive. The Uncharted Frontiers of Planet Earth. It's underwater caves, oceans, hidden landscapes, all served as an extreme environmental research habitat. We need to continue to explore the unexplored and perfect our process of getting there wherever there is a mm where scott and his team are going, failure is not an option and hope is not a strategy expedition. Earth will build our understanding of how the human biological machine our bodies can endure an environment. It most definitely was not meant to survive. We will journey to the undiscovered corners of the planet's inner space, starting with the abyss a chasm deep within the labyrinth of crystal clear underwater caves of the yucatan. Then we'll steer east to the volcanic seamounts of Papua new guinea, where we'll source the origins of all the biological life on earth to the Guangdong province in china. To leg by call in Siberia. Mhm. From 250 miles above the Earth, much is revealed about our world. Can you guys see this? Our goal to push the envelope of expiration? Won't mean anything if we destroy it all together, we can go far. So please join Captain Scott kelly on this amazing german expedition. Earth is ready. Four go. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm.