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    Alpha Male Voices

    Whether you need solid, reliable sound or even a spine chilling alpha male voice for your latest project, you've come to the right place.

    The alpha male is a confident and successful man, whose voice projects loud and clear. He is calm and collected in meetings, but can also be loud and boisterous in situations like at a party or sporting event. The alpha male is often the centre of attention, and speaks in such a manner that he gains said attention. He is assertive, yet composed. He is often laid back, especially with friends and romantic interests. The alpha male usually has a deeper voice, as well. The core of the alpha male voice is one of confidence, that of a successful, easygoing, popular man.

    When voicing an alpha male, the context in which the alpha male is in matters. In a business meeting, the alpha male will be calm, collective, and in control of the meeting. At a party, he may be louder, and be the centre of attention.

    He often speaks smoothly and eloquently, especially with a love interest. It is important to pick up all the nuances in how this personality should be portrayed, especially as the alpha male is not always a business professional, but it could be a college student in a fraternity or a man at the gym. However, the most distinguishing characteristic of the alpha male is his confidence and the respect he garners for it.

    When executed properly, a convincing alpha male voice over provides a shot of testosterone right into the read of your script. From the classic Army drill sergeant voice to the grizzly, outdoorsmen voice, we have the world's largest selection of professional voice actors to give you that authentic alpha male voice.