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Mrs P is a Greek/Italian (British) cleaning lady of a certain age who likes to talk

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Senior (55+)


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Hello, everybody. I don't know if if you can hear for for me to speak, but ah, I just want to say hello because my name is Mrs P on dumb. I am neighbor off Jury it What? Live here on da she have ah, recording studio, you know, And she asked for me to come in. I know. Is Madis crazy? I said to her world What for? You on my voice? Because you know I'm not professional or nothing like that Work in cleaning, you know, I clean toilets. Very nice toilets. You know, maybe you seen down in a big street tube station, you know, they want award and all of that. But, you know, I work hard because I think it's important that everybody have a nice am experience. When when four. They have to go, you know? So it got hanging baskets, all of flowers and all of death and a nice music to apply. You know, bit of Moe's art that my son Marcus, he told me about that. You know, He said, people like for to be relaxed, you know, a bit of back and all of that. So gentle, you know, make people feel comfortable, relaxed, allow that sort of thing, you know? Anyway, she said, please come do a little bit or your voice on the on a machine. I think she a little bit crazy. She very kind, you know, She very kind. Ah, good neighbor. Help me out many time. But I say you must You know, you must be a bit soft in head that you want to for me to do some recording for you Because you are the one. What do it profession professionally. You know me. I don't I don't want to, you know, do that. But the thing is, she say yes. But the different voices People like different sound, you know. So, Fatah, listen, You know I come in. I don't mind for toe dosomething for a good friend. A good neighbor, you know. So anyway, I just want to say hello and maybe I talk to you now. The time Ok, okay. Bye for now. Bye.